About Us


If you are reading this to find out who we are? We are just like you; exploring the world and discovering new things especially great quality products that bring utmost value to our life.  

At ViralCharm, we are unshakable optimists dedicated to continuously share the latest viral products that are charming to the eyes and yet, pocket-friendly. 

To ensure you are not paying too much for any products. We set up worldwide distribution channels directly with the manufacturers, so that your order gets processed and shipped to your door step at a reasonable price.

However, dealing directly with the manufacturers though allows us to cut up to about 60% in middleman costs but sometimes, shipping durations are a little longer.  


We definitely work around the clock to ensure your order gets to you quickly at great condition. We also offer 100% free worldwide shipping on all items; and 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re confident you'll love our products.



Contact us at support@ViralCharm.com


Happy shopping!